My first post!

Hey there! Well I thought as well introduce myself to Livejournal, being new and whatnot. 
Danielle. 19. New Jersey resident. N3rd. Art History Major. Planning to be an art museum librarian.  I love lolita fashion, my favorite brands being Innocent World, Mary Magdalene,AATP, and Moi Meme Moitie. 
  When I am not spending money on lolita, it is going to my  main hobby: 

I am currently fresh meat on a local league. When I'm not shopping for frills, bows, and everything sweet, I'm getting beat up on skates or buying things for my skates. In this sport my aggressive and edgier side comes out. In derby, you can't think twice about knocking someone to the ground. Wait for a second and sure enough they'll knock you to the ground.  Since I'm fresh meat, I do not have a registered derby name yet. However, I do have a name in mind: Killer Wails.  ^_^